Are you a food service professional interested in purchasing excellent-quality gluten-free pasta in bulk?

Offer your customers a gluten-free option and watch the smiles roll in! Our award-winning quinoa pasta has been featured in restaurants around the country and is endorsed by Bon Appétit and Food & Wine magazines as a “Best Gluten-Free Pasta.”

For direct purchase, please contact us at:(310) 281-6036

FoodserviceAndean Dream Quinoa Pasta

Sold in 18-pound cases in the following styles:

Organic Elbows

18lb cases

Organic Fusilli

18lb cases

Organic Macaroni

18lb cases

Organic Orzo

18lb cases

Turmeric Penne

10lb cases

Organic Penne

18lb cases

Organic Shells

18lb cases

Organic Spaghetti

10lb & 18lb cases

Chef Anita Hirsch’s Andean Dream spaghetti tossed with sweet heirloom cherry tomatoes, tangy eggplant caponata, arugula, parmesan and lemon ricotta (pictured) makes a bright, healthy lunch or dinner.